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Danza de la Luna Ceremony


Danza de la Luna Ceremony


Danza de la Luna Ceremony with Curandera Paloma Cervantes


Danza de la Luna (Moon Dance) is a spiritual gathering and ceremony in which women from all over the world come together to celebrate and honor womanhood, to transform and empower themselves, to retrieve for reflection, introspection, and change to become the best they can be.


If we women change and walk this Earth in our power with compassion, love, humbleness, and beauty, we will create a change that not only manifests in our family, and ourselves, it manifests in our community. We can be powerful and compassionate at the same time. We can restore beautiful qualities in our ourselves and by our example; we may be able to inspire people around us.


For these transformations to happen, we need to start with ourselves. We need to look inward and connect with our “essence or soul” and with the “divine”.


During this spiritual gathering, different classes, events, and ceremonies are held. The celebration ends with the Danza de la Luna Ceremony. This is a 4-day ceremony in which women dance, and pray during the night connecting and honoring the Moon. Also, attend temazcal ceremonies (Mexican type of sweat lodge ceremony). Although this is a ceremony that we shared with many women, it is a personal ceremony for personal growth.


This celebration is in Costa Rica. It is by invitation only. In order to assist it is required to have a godmother that invites you. She will be responsible for your training and behavior. If you are not a current student and would like to participate we invite you to join our program SCMT (Shamanism, Curanderismo, and Mother Earth) to learn the practices needed in order to join us. Students that complete the first level of this program may be eligible to join us in this wonderful adventure.


In order to support our preparation for the Danza the la Luna, we created the Luna Circles. After two or three events, we realized that the important thing is not the destination, but the path. As a result, we opened these circles to our current advanced students even if they are not planning to come to Costa Rica soon or not at all. We host 2 circles one in Fresno and one in Los Angeles Area.


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Paloma Cervantes is a Mexican Shaman or Curandera born and raised into the tradition. Working as a Curandera since 1986. She writes, teaches and practices Shamanism, Curanderismo, Spiritual Herbalism, Natural Ways and Ancient Healing Traditions. Visit her website