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Our classes, workshops, programs and spiritual mentoring are to empower yourself by increasing your spiritual strength and awareness regardless what spiritual path do you walk. Each class is divided in theory, practice and a personal Spiritual Initiation to awaken your spiritual abilities.


Our curriculum has many tracks or avenues. You can take one track only or you can combine them. In order to know which classes you can take we divide our students in 5 levels. In each class description, you will find what student level can attend that class.


Student Levels

Beginners – Students that are taking the basic classes and workshops and people that just want to take a class here and there. The two main basic classes and workshops are: Spiritual Foundation and Shamanism Curanderismo and Mother Earth Program (SCMT)

Intermediate – Students who have received a certificate from either Shamanism, Curanderismo and Mother Earth Program (SCMT) or Spiritual Foundation Program and are ready to take the Curanderismo Initiation Workshop (PF) 

Advanced students – Students who have taken the Curanderismo Initiation Workshop (PF) and earned their certificate

Curanderos and Professionals – Practitioners that already have a professional practice with real clients and incorporate spiritual practices in their work. These can be Curanderos, Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Social workers, teachers, counselors, psychologist, etc.

Instructors – Advanced students that are ready and qualified to teach our classes and just need training on the teaching part and their certificate


Here is a brief description of our curriculum. If you want to know more click on the name to go a full description with schedule, requisites, etc.




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  • Paloma Cervantes also offers classes in Spanish. Please contact her for information



Each curriculum has many classes

1) Curanderismo or Mexican Shamanism – Ancient Spiritual and Healing Tradition of Mexico

2) Shamanism or Universal Shamanism – Shamanic Training and Practices

3) Shamanism, Curanderismo and Mother Earth – A combination of Ancient Spiritual Traditions that are easy to practice and merge with modern life.

4) Basic Spiritual Training – The Basics or Spiritual Foundation that every person that has a spiritual practice should master. It doesn’t matter which is our own spiritual path or religion, we must learn how to protect ourselves, how to connect with our angels, spirit guides and protectors and how to cleanse from unwanted energies

5) Ancient Healing Traditions – Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Sacred Spiritual Oils, Mexican Spiritual Psychic Surgery, Spiritual Cleansings, Guided Meditations for healing and improving our life, etc.

6) Herbology – Use of plants for medicinal purposes

7) On-going classes (a la carte) that are offered for your own development

8) Mentoring for Practitioners, Shamans and Curanderos that already have a practice and wish to add more spiritual tools and techniques to offer to their clients

9) Unity Program – This is a one on one program in which for a week you get an intense training about everything: spiritual matters for your house, family and work, diet, exercise, how to sleep, how to meditate, how, where and when to do your spiritual practices, personal spiritual healing practices, etc.


We offer our classes in different cities and countries. If you wish to have this class in your city please contact us. If you want to see if we are offering in your city, please visit our calendar and use the filters to see what we have right now. Check the calendar constantly because we update it once a week.


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